Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We're moving ahead now!

Yep, we're moving ahead now. Got the site working. The member details now appear below the image, and if the image is clicked you get to see the full size image that was stored in the database.

The following pages are finished:


Next up: Getting SQL Server 2005 re-installed (in progress as I'm writing this). Should be finished in another hour or so. Then I'll have to find the local database files or figure out were I stored the production database files (think they are in one of my email clients).

And then finally, starting on the Matrix page.

Other pages to be completed this week:
Testimonials - somewhere between simple and the most complex.
AboutUs - simple
Join -which is the most complex page to do, but you wouldn't know it by going through the multi-step join process.

Then it's on to the really huge task of developing the BackOffice pages again.

Then I can finally start working on the Web Services and once they are done....

I can finally start working on the current crop of applications, updating them to support the new encrypted login process.

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