Friday, March 9, 2012

What is My-MSI.Net?

My-MSI.Net is a start-up company located in Falls Church, VA.

What does My-MSI.Met do?

My-MSI.Net writes Desktop applications for it's members to download from their Back Office web site.

What do you need to run these Desktop Aplications?

Nothing more than a Windows (XP or later) and an Internet connection.

What technology do these Destop Applications use?

We use Microsoft's .Net Framework and C#.

What version of Microsoft's .Net is used?

Currently we are using .Net version 4.0.

What is the cost to join My-MSI.Net?

Just $25.

What is the subscription cost for My-MSI.Net?

Just less than $0.90 per day, billed as $25 every 4 weeks*.

What's the * mean?

It means that we won't be starting the subscription fees until everyone on the 3rd level of the Matrix has 4 Members under them.

Are there any positions on the 3rd level of the Matrix still available?

Yes, we currently have 7 open positions on the 3rd level of the Matrix.

Are there any other expenses involved with being a member of My-MSI.Net?

Not for people on the 3rd level of the Matrix. For people on the 4th level (or higher) will need to promote their referral site. The expected cost of promoting a members referral site is $50 to $150 per month. All of the details will be available in the Back Office site.

What form is the Matrix behind My-MSI.Net?

My-MSI.Net uses a 4x5 Matrix, meaning that everyone has 4 people under them and they get paid 5 levels deep.

What do members get paid?

$6.25 from everyone on your first level (4 x $6.25 = $25) Reach this goal and your subscription fee no longer comes from your pocket!

$1.25 from everyone on your second level (&1.25 x 16 = $20 in pure profit every 4 weeks.

$1.50 from everyone on your third level ($1.50 x 64 = $96 + $20 = $116 every 4 weeks.

$2.25 from everyone on your fourth level ($2.25 x 256 = $576 + $116 = $692 every 4 weeks.

$3.00 from everyone on your fifth level ($3.00 x 1,024 = $3,072 + $692 = $3,764 every 4 weeks.

Where does the rest of my $25 subscription fee go?

$0.80 goes into the Bonus Pool, and $9.95 goes to pay for your referral site and your Back Office site. That $9.95 is closer to $9.00 by the time the Admin gets it because the Admin pays the transaction fees for all incoming funds.

Does that mean that members pay a transaction fee to get their money out?

Yes it does, but they will only be paying $5 on a $3,764 transaction.

Who is developing the Desktop Applications? We have one Sr. .Net developer right now but plan to hire more as our member base grows.

That's all you need to know about My.MSI.Net.