Monday, August 22, 2011

Over the past two days some things got done...

Over the past two days two things got done...

Finally got that important Remove/Me page working.

Why do I call that Remove/Me page important? Have you ever read the CanSpam act that was signed into law a few years back? I'm paraphrasing here,  but the key to sending legal 'spam' is to have a working removal link in the email. Our members can purchase lists of people interested in looking at business opportunities and using one of our applictions easily send personalized emails to all of them with just one mouse click. Every email sent out out must by law have a working removal link and that link for this site is:{email later this Fall when we get the web server up and running again.

What was the second thing?

In our Contact Management System there is a process where key phrases are replaced, mostly with text the user has entered, but for the RemovalLink there is a url that needed to be updated and that got done today.

We're at a standstill until we get our database issue resolved hopefully sometime later this week.

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